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NOS Refill Centre at Fastmaster

Fastmaster in Silverdale now offers nitrous oxide (N2O) refills onsite and available while you wait. We have the equipment and facilities provide bottle servicing and maintenance to ensure your bottles are always equipped to perform time after time.

If you’re looking for the ultimate bang-for-buck, look no further, NOS is here. Increase power, torque and extensive tunability to your road or racecar.

We only use trusted & tested products from Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) as seen in the Fast & Furious. You owe it to yourself to own a “10-second car”


Puma Motorsport partnering with the W Series

The PUMA Motorsport partnership with the W Series concentrates on the supply of high-performance flame-retardant racewear for W Series’ drivers and reserve drivers, to ensure Formula 1 standards of safety, performance and comfort.