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Simagic’s Alpha – GT4 Formula Wheel:

Featuring a sturdy extruded aluminium structure with carbon fibre cover panels, magnetic shifters and dual clutch paddles, this durable wheel and wheelbase combo will last you years on your home simulation rig. The suede wrapped GT style wheel rim features four programmable buttons and two multi function rotary encoders. With ‘Battery free’ wireless communication you don’t have to worry about tangled cords disrupting your best laps on the track.

  • Dual clutch paddles
  • High quality suede wrap
  • Battery free wireless communication
  • Standard 310mm diameter
  • Extruded aluminium wheelbase structure
  • Carbon fibre shifters
  • 50mm quick connect to wheel base


Simagic ALPHA Direct Drive servo wheel base:

After an extensive testing period, you can now get behind one of the best performing wheelbases on the market. Utilising a butter-smooth highly reactive servo motor you can feel every bump in the road and will be catching all of those intentional* slides like a D1 pro,

*Shhhhh we won’t tell.

Technical spec

Finishing – Black anodized extruded aluminium housing
Motor – 3 Phase servo motor designed specifically by simagic
Max Torque – 15 Nm
Wheel connection: Simagic powered quick release system.
Power Requirement – 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz (Power supply is included with wheel base)
Platform – PC only, supports all major PC games such as iRacing, ACC, F1 2019, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 etc.
Connection – USB-B for connection to PC, Plug and Play
Software – Race Manager Alpha
Location Sensor – 16385 Pulses per revolution
Refresh Rate – 1000 Hz for in-game data communication, 40000 Hz for force feedback control
Standard Warranty – 12 months

Download the Manuals/Software here: