Simagic Alpha Mini + FX-C Wheel


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Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase

The Alpha Mini wheel base is equipped with the same quick-release used with the M-10 and Alpha wheel bases. This allows you to use any steering wheel with a 50mm or 70mm bolt pattern in conjunction with the Simagic wheels and button boxes.

The Simagic Alpha Mini has FFB & Damper dial access on the fly while driving and its own bespoke software to dial-n your settings to your own personal preferences. Settings can also be saved into multiple profiles so you can create different profiles for drift, race and rally…or whatever you want!


  • Maximum torque: 10Nm
  • 1 ms Response
  • 15 cm length
  • 3 CPU Tri-core acceleration Smart Base
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • 3-phase Servo Motor, designed by Simagic
  • Refresh rate: 1.000 Hz for buttons, 40.000 Hz for Force-Feedback
  • PC-only

Simagic FX Formula Xtreme Wheel

The wheel we’ve all be waiting for, the ultimate plug and play Formula wheel from Simagic – The Formula Xtreme.
The latest evolution of Simagic wheels includes the all new tactile rotary encoders,  tactile RGB lit buttons and integrated shift lights, all fully customisable with Simagic’s new SimPro Manager software.

  • 290mm diameter
  • Anti-slip silicone grips
  • 3 rotary encoder buttons
  • 4 thumb encoders
  • 1 seven way multi position rotary switch
  • 12 RGB tactile buttons
  • Dual clutch not included

Includes sticker sheet with over 120 button cap stickers.