Simagic GT Cup Wheel


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Introducing the latest offering from Simagic! The GTC wheel takes your Alpha or
Alpha Mini wheel base to an all new level.
The latest evolution of Simagic wheels includes the all new tactile rotary encoders,
tactile RGB lit buttons and integrated shift lights, all fully customisable with Simagic’s
new SimPro Manager software.
Developed with professional GT racers and engineers for the best driving experience
to replicate the feel and ergonomics of the real thing!
  • 325mm diameter
  • Suede C shape wheel rim
  • 2 rotary encoder buttons
  • 2 thumb encoders
  • 2 ABS/TCS rotary encoders
  • 2 seven way multi position rotary switches
  • 8 RGB tactile buttons
  • Dual clutch system