Thrustmaster F599 XX EVO 30 Alcantara Edition Wheel Add-On


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THE detachable 11.8”/30 cm wheel, with genuine Alcantara– FERRARI 599XX EVO replica Compatible with all THRUSTMASTER racing wheels featuring a detachable wheel (T-SERIES: T500 RS, Ferrari F1 Integral T500, T300 RS, T300 Ferrari GTE, TX Series)

Realistic, high-quality, sturdy materials

  • 8:10 scale replica of the wheel of the 599XX EVO, officially licensed by Ferrari
  • Hand-stitched wrapping crafted of the same Alcantara® as that used on Ferrari wheels – imported from Italy! (for an authentic feel)
  • The wheel’s structure is identical to automotive standards, featuring polyurethane molding (for a more flexible touch and enhanced comfort) and an internal hoop made of steel (for improved transmission of driving sensations and of Force Feedback effects)
  • 2 mm-thick brushed metal central steering plate
  • Large size: 11.8”/30 cm in diameter (for greater immersion in games)!
  • Weighs less than 2.6 lbs/1.2 kg (inertia and super-responsive Force Feedback)

Comprehensive driving gear

  • 2 wheel-mounted paddle shifters
  • 6 easy

**Compatible with all THRUSTMASTER T-SERIES racing wheels***

  • T500 RS / Ferrari F1 Integral T500
  • T300 RS / T300 Ferrari GTE
  • TX Series

2 large wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters

  • Move with the wheel
  • New ergonomic design (for optimized positioning of fingers)
  • Crafted of 0.08”/2 mm-thick brushed metal + metallic paint
  • 5.1”/13 cm tall
  • High-end tact switch (lifecycle exceeding 10,000,000 uses)

Detachable wheel featuring the Thrustmaster Quick Release system

  • Quickly and easily switch from one wheel to another (Ferrari 599XX Evo Wheel / TM Leather 28 GT Wheel* / GT Wheel / PS Wheel / Ferrari F1 Wheel* / Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel* / Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel)