Thrustmaster T-LCM Pro Load Cell Pedals


With more than 20 years of expertise creating high-quality accessories for racing games and simulations, Thrustmaster is once again adding to its racing ecosystem with the arrival of the much anticipated new Load Cell pedal set: The T-LCM Pedals, the manufacturer’s best and most advanced model to date.

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Featuring Thrustmaster’s renowned, U.S.-patented H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology™) magnetic sensor system, the T-LCM Pedals provides an unlimited lifespan of cutting-edge precision on both the accelerator and clutch pedals — an exciting first for a Thrustmaster racing pedal set.

Load Cell force sensor technology, built into the back of the brake pedal, allows for a large number of adjustment options, making the T-LCM Pedals a perfect fit for any type of racing, all user preferences and each driver’s favorite positioning setup.

Control, precision and flexibility best sum up the T-LCM Pedals: many beta testers have been pleased to report that the pedal set’s outstanding performance has allowed them to shave precious tenths of seconds off their lap times.

16-bit precision and an unlimited lifespan

Incorporating H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensor technology (a revolutionary contactless system, without any potentiometers), the T-LCM Pedals provides an unlimited lifespan of intense use, with optimal precision while racing.

Virtual drivers will enjoy up to a truly astonishing 16 bits* of resolution, representing as much as 65,536 values per pedal.

Load Cell force sensor technology: up to 220 lb / 100 kg of pressure, with a set of 6 springs allowing users to customize their braking performance incredibly quickly and easily

The brake pedal on the T-LCM Pedals is a huge advantage while racing, thanks to its force sensor. Adjusting to the intensity of the game being played and the driving style and rhythm of each driver, braking power is measured according to the pressure force applied (muscular, not angular), for perfect control.

The ability to apply up to 220 lb / 100 kg of pressure on the brake is specific to this pedal set, highlighting both its industrial build quality and its high-performance design.

Thrustmaster is even providing T-LCM Pedals owners with a set of 6 springs allowing for a multitude of quick, tool-free adjustments for full customization of the brake pedal’s feel and response.

These springs let all users easily modify the brake pedal’s mechanical resistance according to their gaming setup with an extremely high degree of precision (for use with a table or desk, Wheel Stand Pro wheel stand, GT-style cockpit, F1-style cockpit, etc.).

Weak, medium and strong resistance options are available — with or without preloading.

Weighs more than 11 lb / 5 kg: a stable design, built with first-class materials

The T-LCM Pedals features premium, 100% metal non-slip pedals (pedal arms and heads).

Mounted on a stable, sturdy structure fully tested by the most seasoned racers, these pedals provide an optimal grip for users, enhancing the feeling of control while racing.

The large, textured foot rest stops feet from sliding, and prevents inadvertent slips. Weighing in at more than 11 lb / 5 kg, this heavy-duty pedal set provides stability that you can always depend on.

Total adjustability

In addition to boosting performance and making possible amazing new levels of precision, the T-LCM Pedals ensures personalized comfort for every racer.

The positioning of each of the three pedals can be independently adjusted in a variety of different ways:

–      Vertical and horizontal inclination
–      Height

–      Spacing

Last but not least, with the goal of providing the best possible driving comfort, and for those used to their current gear, Thrustmaster is allowing racers to use the pedal heads from their T3PA or T3PA-PRO pedal set on the arms of the T-LCM Pedals.

This represents yet another great advantage in the long list of versatile options made possible by this pedal set.

Complementary calibration software to fine-tune your personal settings

The dedicated calibration software for the T-LCM Pedals allows for electronic (i.e. software) adjustment of the braking power, as well as customization of the dead zones on each of the 3 pedals: accelerator, brake and clutch.

This tool is a high-precision asset for gamers, totally complementary to and indissociable from any adjustments or specific changes in terms of the force sensor springs. Mechanically increasing or decreasing the resistance of the vaunted Load Cell implies modifying the associated electronic force: users are free to make adjustments to best suit their own personal preferences.

An expanded T-LCM ecosystem to adapt to all racing setups

T-LCM Pedals key features:

  • H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensor technology: a contactless system, without any potentiometers
  • Load Cell force sensor (fully customizable)
  • Completely versatile, with full adjustability for each pedal
  • Enhanced stability: weighted base with stainless steel foot rest
  • Full-featured, intuitive calibration software
  • Ergonomic construction: streamlined, effective design
  • Compatible with PC (via USB cable) in Windows® 10/8/7 with all racing wheels on the market
  • Compatible with PC, PS4™ and Xbox One® (via RJ12 cable) with the Thrustmaster T-GT, T300, T150, TS-XW, TX and TMX racing wheels
  • Compatible with cockpits: attachment system, support and drilling template included

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