Turbosmart BOV 38mm Plumb Back fitting


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Turbosmart Plumb Back Fitting – 38mm is specifically designed to be used with Turbosmart’s range of Plumb Back, Dual Port and Supersonic Blow Off Valves. This fitting allows for installation directly into the turbo outlet pipe and ensures that no external hoses are needed. Turbosmart’s superior engineering provides a secure connection between the BOV and your turbo outlet while allowing smooth operation at high pressure. The Turbosmart Plumb Back Fitting is also suitable for other brands’ blow off valves. Installation is simple and fast, making it perfect for all levels of car enthusiasts, from DIYers to experts. Turbosmart’s commitment to quality means you can trust your BOV will perform reliably even in the toughest conditions. With Turbosmart, you can rest assured knowing your car is equipped with the best Blow Off Valve Plumb Back Fitting – 38mm available in the market.