Turbosmart BOV BigBubba O-Ring Kit


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Turbosmart’s Big Bubba O-ring Kit is designed for those looking to upgrade their Blow Off Valves. This kit contains all the necessary components to replace your existing O-Rings with Turbosmart’s Big Bubba O-Rings, explicitly designed for Turbosmart Blow Off Valves. The Big Bubba O-Ring Kit includes two large Turbosmart Big Bubba O-rings, two small Turbosmart Big Bubba O-rings, and a tube of Turbosmart sealant. These upgraded Turbosmart O-rings feature improved material properties, providing superior performance and longevity compared to other aftermarket or OEM seals. Once installed, you can expect increased boost response, reliable sealing, and longer service intervals. Upgrade your Blow Off Valves with Turbosmart’s Big Bubba O-ring Kit and experience increased performance!