Turbosmart BOV ProPort Sensor Cap Upgrade Black


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Turbosmart genuine spares and accessories are produced in order to ensure the longest possible service life for your favourite Turbosmart gear. These spares and accessories are not an afterthought, they are the components Turbosmart use in the hand assembly of your product, simply made available as a product you can use yourself to update, service or rebuild your Turbosmart product.

The GenV ProPort Sensor Cap allows you to monitor valve position for diagnostic or tuning purposes, a true unique solution and first of it’s kind on the market. Turbosmart uses a hall effect, non contact sensor meeaning the fitting in the cap for the sensor is a blind hole and cannot leak boost under any circumstances. The sensor output is a simply 0-5v feed almost any afternarket ECU or datalogged can recieve, configure and use.

Turbosmart valve positions sensors will provide the valuable data needed in order to use your valve for advanced strategies such as traction control or torque management.