Turbosmart GenV RacePort EM Valve – Sleeper


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The RacePort EM is a High Flowing Valve capable of supporting over 2500HP with built in solenoid for advanced control strategies and OE level vehicle integration, where electronic diverter valves are fitted. The RacePort EM (electro-mechanical) is a motorsport quality, high flowing diaphragm operated valve, with modern vehicle technology and motorsport smarts, in mind.

The RacePort EM is a combination of decades of experience with the market leading RacePort 50mm Valve with our Multiple Award Winning and Patented EM (Electro-Mechanical) technology. The RacePort architecture provide market leading flow and reliability with a diaphragm operated valve which has proven to be the most responsive and capable valve of it’s kind of the market. Add to this the Multiple Award Winning and patent EM (electromechanical) technology which provides seamless electronic integration, you have a motorsport proven solution with genuinely hi end and hi-tech credentials.

Available in
Male Flange Vent To Atmosphere
Female Flange Vent to Atmosphere
Male Flange PlumBack
Female Flange PlumBack

Award Winning and Patented EM (Electro-Mechanical) Technology
Boost Balance Technology for high boost
Billet 6000 series aluminium construction
Milspec hard anodized valve guide and stem
Hi-Temp Silicon Nomex Diaphragm
Positive sealing valve seat
2.0″ inlet flows over 330 CFM

GenV RacePort EM Valve
Unterminated loom
Aluminium V-Band
Aluminium profiled weld flange
1/8 NPT Fitting Kit
Turbosmart Decal

USA Patent: 10,781,745
AUS Patent: 2018253619