Turbosmart GenV WG45/50 Complete Sensor Cap Black


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Wastegate position sensor caps allow tuners to monitor exact wastegate valve positions and tune accordingly.

To suit Turbosmart Gen-V waste gate range including:
WG45 Hyper-Gate 45 45mm
WG45M Hyper-Gate 45 Motorsport 45mm
WG50 Pro-Gate 50 50mm

– To ensure longevity from the sensor, ensure adequate airflow is supplied directly to the sensor to avoid overheating or sensor failure.
– Turbosmart HE sensor has an operation temperature window of -40C up to 170ºC (340ºF) junction temperature, for temperatures outside of this window the VOUT will revert to less than 2.5V
– Temperature exposure above 260ºC (500ºF) can cause permanent damage to the sensor.