Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive System


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The Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive System R2 raises the bar for sim racing steering wheel systems. It offers the most realistic and detailed force feedback currently available through a high torque, brushless motor. With 25Nm of torque available, the Pro is capable of providing a high level of immersion for any car or track combination. Ideal for professional sim racer and serious enthusiasts, the Pro offers an incredibly high torque response rate, which is also adjustable and amazing feedback clarity.

  • The Pro R2 comes with a single 450W power cable
  • The ultra low latency will give you incredible feel, you can feel and then correct those small slides sooner, putting you a step ahead of your opponents
  • A precision machined quick release system will give you a rock solid feel and a guided rail design that makes a steering wheel change very easy to do
  • A high efficiency direct drive motor and clever electronics heat guiding means the system produces less heat and doesn’t require a noisy fan to keep it cool
  • Built in wireless receiver that will automatically connect to a wireless steering wheel and has an unbreakable millisecond range response time
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty

Not only can the Pro wheel base produce a huge amount of torque, it is also highly accurate with robotics grade angle sensors and high quality encoders. This combined with custom made electronics and all wrapped up inside a full metal CNC machined case means that the Sport is a solid unit that is capable of providing the very best in sim racing force feedback. The base is supplied with the Simucube quick release adaptor for use with 50.8mm and 70mm PCD steering wheels and is also equipped with Simucube wireless wheel support.

What’s included?
– Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase
– 1 x Power supply (R2 Single PSU Update)
– Cables
– Stop button
– Simucube SQR hub mount (motor side only, wheel side is extra)
– Mounting bolts for front mount