Velo 5pt Latch Lever FHR SFI Ratchet Waist Harness


SFI Certified 2″ Individual shoulder belt 3″ Lap belt

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SFI Certified, 3″Lap & 2″ FHR Shoulder belts with light weight Aluminium adjusters.

This premium 50mm FHR Specific 5 point harness popular with Speedway Sprint Car racers with its ratchet adjuster waist, where space is limited for adjusters. The ratchet adjuster uses a 1/4″ ratchet driver (not included) which simply clips in and is held by a grub screw.

The simple and robust 2″ lever latch release (duckbill) buckle works well, even in very dirty environments, is nice and compact, so no more of the buckle digging into your waist and becoming uncomfortable mid race.

The harness features Aluminium adjusters and wrap around ends on all bar the Ratchet end on one waist strap.

As part of your pre race checks, Velo recommend that you check the latch for a positive release prior to using the harness.

SFI 16.1