Velo Ultralight HANS/ FHR Harness


New & improved Ultralight HANS!

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The 6pt Ultralight 50mm Quick Adjuster harness is for drivers who prefer to use 50mm webbing on all parts of the harness. It has 50mm smooth running professional adjusters on the shoulder and 50mm quick adjusters on the lap straps with snap hook fixings all round. The shoulder straps can be wrapped around the roll cage if required.

This harness is an excellent choice for anyone considering endurance events as it makes adjustment from one driver to another very fast and efficient.

The 50mm ‘quick‘ adjuster features a space saving integrated tongue. This ensures the adjuster sits directly and comfortably up on the drivers lap. The new ‘quick‘ adjuster guarantees users an even faster driver change; even compared to a normal alloy adjuster.

The pull down to tighten ‘quick‘ adjuster is perfect for driver changes and small cockpits where there is not enough space for an adjuster by the side of the seat and the floor of the car. Supplied with grab loops.

FIA8853:2016 Homologated.

For use with FHR ONLY